About Protojourneys

Protojourneys is an online service that lets you prototype user journeys through complex experiences and test them on mobile devices.

Protojourneys was developed as part of Raphaël Velt’s PhD research on developing tools and methods to improve the design of complex user journeys.


What are prototype journeys?

Journey prototypes are interactive descriptions of the experience you want to build, created through Protojourneys’ authoring interface. You can scale up the realism of your journey prototypes by constraining access to parts of the journey based on location, time, or on having scanned QR Codes.


Testing prototype journeys

You can walk through a prototype journey yourself, with your colleagues, or with test users. You can do test journeys from your office, on location, or just pretend that the streets around you are the location for the experience. Document the experience on the go and provide feedback on the journey at each step.


Try Protojourneys

Contact me if you wish to get access to our private preview or discuss Protojourneys’ features.

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